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Interim Budget 2019 : Indian Medical Device Manufacturers ask for more!

Though there are several positives, when you view the fine print, the proposed policy initiatives are a far cry from creating an attractive environment for the domestic production of medical devices as well as catalyzing R&D.
As a member of the healthcare industry I am happy that through the interim budget, the Government has announced its intent to continue to focus on building a healthier India. The healthcare sector has got a boost with nearly 13% hike in the health budget, the highest in the last two financial years. An allocation of Rs. 6400 crores towards Ayushman Bharat, commissioning of the 22nd AIIMS centre and setting up of health and wellness centres, are all positive moves that are set to bring in a new wave of health transformation especially for the lower and middle class families. Artificial Intelligence - harnessing the benefits of new age technologyThe announcement to set up a National Artificial Intelligence portal will lay further emphasis on technology-driven gro…

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