When ‘engaging with customers’ is more effective than ‘promoting’

Relationship marketing encompasses strategies beyond the traditional transactional sales. It's exciting to see how businesses are now focusing on giving their customers 'more' than they have asked for!

Touching consumers in a unique way and sparking emotions is more than relevant today. “Work with your head but also take your heart along”, I have come to believe in this ideology over the years. A customer will always buy from a brand that meets his expectations of ‘how’ they are treated and not by ‘what’ they are offered. This is what Relationship Marketing is all about!

It starts with making your customer, your partner. Building a long-term and sustainable relationship is at the root of customer retention. And that is possible only when you are in constant touch with your customer, as it will help in identifying how he works, his needs & preferences and how you can make a difference. This will prepare you to serve customers faster and quite possibly even before they ‘ask’ for it. So, spending a day in the life of the customer is where the real learning occurs!

Focusing your time on giving special attention to your most valuable customers will help you achieve a high customer lifetime value score. This is considered to be a very important metric while making important decisions about sales, marketing, product development, and customer support. Fostering strong relationships with customers will also pay off in the long run and will help you push up margins and grow your business.

Trust is another important aspect of relationship marketing, as it drives sales and customer relations. Regular visits to customers and the delightful experience you give them, go a long way in developing trust. After all, people buy from people they like.
At Transasia Bio-Medicals, our sales team spends more time with our customers simply educating them on a new technology. Our customers, both existing and potential rely on us for dissemination of the latest information which would be helpful to them in making the accurate diagnosis. This may not necessarily culminate into a sale, but definitely helps build the relationship.
It is also important to put smiles on your customers’ faces by empathizing with their needs and situations. This means addressing and resolving even the smallest of the problems. In the process, you gain their trust and establish a deeper relationship.

To increase the sales and drive revenue for your organization, you must engage with customers in numerous ways. The touch points could be digital marketing, loyalty program, surveys, word of mouth publicity. Besides this, one good way to network with customers is by being in touch with them regularly, for business and otherwise. Reciprocity and personalization form the cornerstone of a good customer service.

Companies need to nurture their relationships with the customer as an overall organization. It’s equally important for sales teams to develop relationships with individuals from relevant departments across the customer’s organization.

At Transasia Bio-Medicals, relationship marketing has been our forte right from the beginning. We ensure that we recruit people who are aligned to our ‘Customer First’ goal. Through regular training, we further nurture this value.

We boast of the largest field-force in the industry, covering from the length to the breadth of the country. Through our closely-knit network of 24 zones, we ensure 1:1 attention that each customer rightfully deserves.

Further, our focus remains on empowering our customers with relevant, up-to-date information that aids them in better patient care. This combined with effective use of social media and e-marketing tools, makes us the preferred partner for offering total solutions in clinical diagnosis.

Authored by: 
Mr. Anil Jotwani

Anil Jotwani
Senior Advisor


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